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How to Felt Crochet and Knitting Projects

Felting Kit

Felting is the process of taking a crochet or knitting project and transforming it into a dense firm fabric. Once your project is complete, simply machine wash the item to felt it. The right combination of water, laundry detergent, heat and agitation will take the soft, handmade item and transform it into a dense felted one.

Choosing the Correct Yarn

Felting requires the yarn to shrink. Projects made from 100 percent wool are suitable for felting. Metallic yarns and other synthetics do not produce desirable results when used in felting projects.

The thickness of the yarn matters. A project made from thick yarn requires a longer felting process. The result will be a very dense, thick fabric that works well for rugs, trivets, and pot holders. A thin yarn takes less time to felt. Items knitted or crocheted using thin yarn produce a dense, flexible fabric suitable for clothing.

Completing the Project

Knit or crochet your item according to the pattern. If your item requires assembly, decide if you should assemble it before or after the felting process. Felt the item first and then assemble it. This works well for bags, kitchen items and purses.

The Felting Process

To felt your item, set the washing machine to a hot wash/cold rinse cycle. Add laundry detergent and add your item to the wash. Place a few towels or wash cloths in with your item to help with the agitation. You can conserve water and save on electricity by felting more than one project at the same time.

Check your item after the wash cycle completes. If you feel it requires more felting, wash it again. Large items and items made from thick yarn may require several wash cycles to properly felt. You can machine dry the project to further felt the items. Remove the article from the dryer before it is completely dry.

Finish the Knitting or Crochet Project

The final step is to shape and assemble the project. Felted items must be shaped while they are still damp. Once the item dries you will not be able to stretch or shape it. After the item dries completely you can assemble it.

It takes a little bit of practice to get the felting technique just right. Once you have mastered the art of felting it will add an entirely new dimension to your knitting and crocheting crafts.

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