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Christmas decorations on a budget

Glass Christmas centerpiece

Christmas decorations on a budget are the best way to get into a festive mood, decking your halls with decoration. However, seasonal decorations can be costly and do not represent good value as you can only use them once a year. You can create your own unique decorations this year and bring some Christmas spirit into your home without breaking the bank.

Choose a centerpiece

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a giant array of decorations this year, choose one main theme or piece and use this as your centerpiece. It can be a tree, a plate of scented candles, or a glass bowl filled with seasonal fruit or natural shapes. Concentrating your Christm

as themed decorations on one area will create a higher impact and reduce the need to scatter smaller decorations all over the house.

Christmas ornament kit

Make your own tree decorations

You can bake star shaped cookies, crochet little balls or angels and hang these up on your tree instead o

f buying expensive Christmas baubles. Be creative and use unusual items to decorate your tree. Tinsel is a cheap way of brightening up the Christmas tree. Children will love a candy tree decorated with Snickers, candy canes, Hershey Kisses and boiled sweets.

Natural inspirations

A walk in the park can yield many beautiful natural objects that you can use for Christmas decorations. Pinecones, dried and stacked in a large glass jar tied around with green and red ribbon can look very festive. You can paint them silver or sprinkle glitter over them for that magical Christmas look. Other sources of decorations from nature include autumnal leaves in different shapes and colours, satsumas or oranges pierced with cloves for a natural alternative to potpourri, smooth pebbles from the beach or boughs of holly and berries from your local park.

Get crafty

Ribbons, wire coat hangers, wrapping paper, string, scissors and some imagination is all you need to make up some of your own decorative pieces for Christmas. Twist coat hangers into multidimensional shapes such as stars, then cover with gold or silver wrapper. Red, green and gold ribbons can be tied around lampshades or doorknobs to add a festive touch. String up Christmas cards over the fireplace or doorways, or display photographs of Christmases past on a feature wall, adding accents with ribbons or printout pictures of reindeer, snowmen and gifts.

Make your own wreath using wire and fresh green boughs from the garden – twist the plants around the wire while they are still green and flexible, then leave this to dry out before spraying with gold or silver paint. Instead of buying Christmas stockings, use old paint cans and decorate these with paint, paper cut outs or ribbons. Label each one with the name of a family member – they’re cheap, unique and easier to stuff! Make your own greeting swag, such as “Merry Christmas”, “Love Peace Joy” or any other message you prefer, from some card board cut out letters, string and tin foil or wrapping paper. String this up across windows or a free wall.

Let there be light

To achieve that warm, cosy feel, eschew the bright neon lights you normally use and place scented candles in a row on clustered on a plate to light up the room. The flickering light and notes of vanilla, cinnamon or pine will add to the Christmas mood. Fairylights are inexpensive and can be used for other occasions such as birthday parties. They are very atmospheric when strung up on the tree or across a mantelpiece.

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