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8 Spooktacular Homemade Halloween Costumes

Making your own Halloween costume allows you to be creative, have fun and save money. A homemade disguise will help you to stand out of the crowd at parties and acts as a wearable ice-breaker. Here are eight ideas for creepy costumes you can easily assemble using inexpensive, widely available materials.


Two-headed monster

To create this double-act, you'll need a full-head latex monster mask. If you don't already have one from a previous Halloween, buy a cheap one at a discount store. Use duct tape to attach a couple of rubber Halloween eyeballs to the inside, peering out through the eye-holes. Sew or safety-pin a scarf to the bottom opening of the mask. Blow up a balloon large enough to fill out the head and insert it inside. Tie the scarf to hold in the balloon and sew or safety-pin the head to the shoulder of a sweat shirt near the collar. Make up your face to resemble the mask. If it has hair, wear a similar Halloween wig. Tie an identical scarf around your neck.


Old white bed sheets can be recycled into mummy wrappings. Put several cheap generic tea bags into a bucket. Pour in boiling water and leave to steep for five minutes. Add a couple of sheets and let them soak for an hour. This will give the fabric an aged appearance. Run the sheets through the spin cycle, then dry them. Cut or rip the fabric into long strips. Put on a white sweatshirt and sweatpants and a white ski cap. Find a volunteer to wrap strips around your arms, legs, torso and neck. Wrap strips around your head from chin to crown and around your face over the bridge of your nose. You can secure the fabric with safety pins or white electrical tape.

Zombie beauty queen

For this gruesomely ironic costume, you'll need an old prom dress or bridesmaid dress from a thrift shop. Splash the dress with plenty of fake blood. Make a sash from a long strip of fabric about four inches wide. Use a fabric pen or glitter pen to embellish it with a beauty queen name such as Miss Adventure, Miss Fortune or Miss Creant. Safety pin the sash to the shoulder of the dress to keep it from slipping off. Cover your face with green make-up. Add black circles around your eyes and bright red lipstick. Complete the effect with a plastic tiara. This costume will turn even more heads when worn by a man. Males should add a wig and some chest padding.

Pumkin Bags

Jack o' lantern

An orange lawn and leaf bag forms the basis for this cute costume. Use black electrical tape to make a jack o' lantern face on the front of the bag. (You can just use a series of triangle shapes for the eyes, nose and teeth.) Cut out two holes at the bottom for your feet and two holes at the side for your arms. Blow up several balloons. Put on a turtleneck shirt and step into the bag. Have a helper insert the balloons through the top until your pumpkin is filled out. Gather the bag opening around your neck and safety pin it to your collar. Paint your face brown or green to resemble a stem and tuck your hair into a brown or green woolly hat.


To become a little green man from Mars with a big-brained head, you'll need a yard of green fabric and about 18 inches of sewing elastic. Fold the fabric into quarters and cut along the edges to create a circular shape. Fold over the edges of the fabric and sew (by hand or machine) to create a hem wide enough to fit the elastic through, leaving openings at two sides. Tape the elastic to a pencil and push it through one side and out the other. Gather the elastic so that the head extension fits like a hat, then knot the ends of elastic together and trim. Stuff the headgear with crumpled newspaper to make it stick up and tuck your hair inside. Paint your face green. Dress in black and wear boots and gloves.

Mad scientist

An authentic mad scientist look requires a lab coat. You can purchase an inexpensive one online or at a store that sells work uniforms. (They're even available in kid's sizes.) Wear the lab coat over a white dress shirt and black pants. Splash some fake blood on the coat. Fill the pockets with things that suggest weird goings-on in the lab. Glow-in-the-dark rubber rats and glow sticks hint at nuclear experiments. A rubber hand and a bloody plastic cleaver show that Dr. Frankenstein's been at work. Accessorize with safety glasses and rubber gloves. Wear a cheap white Halloween wig or rub gel through you hair and make it stick out from your head.

Four-armed mutant

All you need for this eerie extra-arms effect is two sweatshirts in the same color and a pair of rubber gloves. Stuff the gloves with cotton balls to fill them out, then sew the ends closed. Paint the fingernails and use the same nail polish on your own hands. Cut both arms off one of the sweatshirts. Insert the gloves into the cuffs and stich them in place. Stuff the arms with crumpled newspapers and sew them to the intact sweatshirt at lower-rib level. If you don't want the extra arms to just hang down, safety pin one or both of the hands to the shirt. You might want to embellish the sweatshirt with a slogan such as 'No Nukes' or 'Mutants Rule'.


This ghost costume is much more impressive than a bed sheet with eyeholes, but it does start with a white sheet. You'll also need a few yards of white or baby blue semi-transparent fabric. You can use cheesecloth, tulle or even old voile curtains. Lay the fabric on the bed sheet and cut to the same length. Fold the two layers in half and cut a u-shaped hole in the top to make an opening for your head. Trim at the bottom if the costume poses a tripping hazard. For a head-covering, cut two pieces of transparent fabric about a yard long and sew them to a white ski cap or a white wig. If you want a veiled look, arrange one piece so it falls over your face. Put on white makeup then draw blue shadows around your eyes and under your cheekbones. These costume ideas are just a starting point. Exercise your imagination and embellish your outfit any way you like. Dollar stores and discount stores carry a wide variety of Halloween accessories and party favors that can be used to add disturbing detail.

8 Spooktacular Homemade Halloween Costumes

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